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Who and what is Lowcountry Haunts? The answer to that question spans back 20 years. A group of us gathered years ago to construct a haunted house in a community center to raise funds to benefit the center and our love of all things scary, spooky, and paranormal was born. Through the years we have constructed and ran haunted venues to benefit charities like the Will Rogers institute, and the Shriners’ burn children’s hospital in South Carolina. Along the way in the mid 90’s we began questioning the existence of ghosts and spirits and decided to do a little investigating at an old local cemetery.

We grabbed a cassette recorder, put a brand new 60 minute tape in it and headed to the cemetery. In the dark, we picked a spot that we thought “looked” haunted. The record button was pressed, the recorder sat down on the ground and we headed to the local Waffle House to have coffee and talk for 60 minutes.

After retrieving the recorder, we listened to the recording and were surprised and puzzled at what we heard. We were never able to explain or identify the ticking and humming or what seemed to be groaning sounds we heard. That was the only time we attempted an investigation but we did continue the events supporting charities.A few of us batted the idea around after seeing a popular tv series and realized that we were missing out on the excitement and decided to form our own group and called it the Lowcountry Paranormal Society.

Here are photos that have been submitted to us for community evaluation so take a look and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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